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Talking Dictionary269. Red Bike Tires


269. The teacher gave the students coloring books. She gave the students crayons. Mason opened his coloring book. He found a picture of a bike. He loved bikes. But he didn't have one yet. His dad had said, "You'll get a bike when you're seven." Mason was counting the days. There were 355 days to go. He had told his dad, "I want a red bike." Mason colored the bike. He colored everything red. The frame and seat were red. The chain and handlebar were red. The tires and spokes were red. The pedals were red. He showed his picture to the teacher. She said, "That's very nice, Mason." He showed his picture to Sofia. She laughed. "Everything is red," she said. "They don't make bikes like that." Mason said, "Maybe they don't. But I will. I'll use red paint and red tape. I'll have the reddest bike in the world." 1.4


269. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.