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Talking Dictionary265. Something Rotten In 5B


265. She was a real estate salesperson. An apartment was newly available on the Upper East Side. She went to 91st Street to preview the new listing. She used a key to open the building door. She walked up to the second floor. She had a sensitive nose. She smelled something. It smelled like a dead something. She walked up to the third floor. The smell was worse. She took a tissue out of her purse. She held it over her nose. She walked up to the fourth floor. The smell was foul. How do people live here, she wondered. She debated whether to continue upstairs. She squeezed her nostrils together. She breathed through her mouth. She walked slowly up to the fifth floor. The smell was nauseating. She opened the door to apartment 5B. She almost vomited. She hurried downstairs. She went outside. She took deep breaths of fresh air. 2.3


265. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.