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Talking Dictionary264. Pooch Is Their Only Child


264. Bo is three years old. He's a beagle. He is Jason's pride and joy. Jason said, "I love Bo like he's my son. I know that sounds crazy. But if you met him, you'd love him too. He has these big, floppy ears. He snores when he sleeps. He chases his tail. He licks my face like it's an ice cream cone. He's so much fun. And he loves me like I'm his dad." Jason's ex‐girlfriend is Jenny. Jenny and Jason raised Bo together. Jenny loves Bo too. In fact, she picked him out at the animal shelter. She says that she is Bo's "mom." Jason broke up with Jenny last month. Jenny moved to Queens. She took Bo with her. Jason wants his "son" back. He is suing Jenny. Jenny said, "Bo and I are a package deal. If Jason wants Bo back, he has to take me back." 0.6


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