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Talking Dictionary263. Real Cop Or Phony Cop?


263. It was midnight. No other cars were on the two‐lane road. She saw headlights far behind her. They got closer. Suddenly, she saw red lights. She heard a siren. She couldn't believe it. She hadn't been speeding. She hadn't been weaving. Why was a policeman pulling her over? More important, was he a real policeman or a fake policeman? A week ago, someone had murdered a driver on this very road. It had happened late at night. The driver had been shot. TV news reporters suspected a fake policeman. She didn't pull over. She tried to dial 911. Her phone battery was dead. She kept driving. The car kept following her. The lights kept flashing. The siren kept blaring. She came to a 24‐hour gas station. She pulled in. The car kept going. Was it a police car or not? She couldn't tell. She asked the clerk to dial 911. 3.0


263. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.