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Talking Dictionary262. Born To Ride


262. He is 60 years old. He rode his first motorcycle when he was 13. Since then, he's owned about 20 motorcycles. He's had about 10 accidents. Some of the accidents put him in the hospital. His wife worries about him. "I wish you would sell your motorcycle," she often says. "Play golf. Go bowling. Find a safe hobby." He ignores her. "I was born to ride," he often says. Last month he went for a ride. He went through a curve too fast. He crashed into a mountainside. An ambulance took him to the hospital. His arm and leg were broken. His wife had to care for him at home. Her sister said, "Your husband is very selfish. He doesn't care that you worry about him. He doesn't care that he might get paralyzed or killed. He only cares about riding his motorcycle. You should have left him years ago." 2.8


262. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.