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Talking Dictionary258. But It IS In SoHo


258. He went to an annual bicycle show. It was on Hudson Street in the "Skylight SoHo." He had never been there. It sounded like a nice place. Bright, with lots of natural light, he thought. He went on a sunny, Sunday morning. The Skylight SoHo was a red‐brick building. It was about 30 feet tall. He didn't see one window. It looked like a warehouse. He went inside. He paid $20. He went into the main hall. About 60 exhibitors were inside. Bright lights illuminated the hall. Where is all the natural light, he wondered. He looked up. There were five big skylights. Paint completely covered four of them. Paint covered 80 percent of the fifth one. What a joke, he thought. How can they call this the "Skylight" SoHo? Would you call a table with no legs, a table? They should call it the "Windowless Warehouse" Soho, he thought. 2.9


258. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.