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Talking Dictionary257. New, Stained Pajamas


257. It was winter. His apartment was cold. He needed pajama bottoms to wear over his boxer shorts. He went to Konway's on 34th Street. They always had great deals on clothes. He found some bottoms for only $4. What a deal! They looked okay. He paid for them. He went home. His apartment had a lot of natural light. He examined them. He noticed a purple stain on the inside of the waistband. Where'd this come from, he wondered. Then he saw two more purple stains on the inside of the seat. Then he saw a hole in the crotch! Did somebody wear these and return them, he wondered. But the original tag was still on the pajama bottoms. He didn’t even try them on. He took them back to Konway's. He got his money back. He wore an old pair of jogging pants for the rest of the winter. 2.4


257. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.