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Talking Dictionary256. Little Stickers On Your Fruit


256. He was standing at the sink. He had a Fuji apple in his hand. He was digging at the apple with his fingernail. He was mumbling. "What is your problem?" his wife asked. He said, "What's my problem? Who invented these stupid stickers? Who decided to put stickers on fruit? Why are these stickers so hard to peel off? Eating fruit should be a pleasure. But these stickers ruin the pleasure. Fruit didn't use to have stickers, you know. Those were the days! We just washed an apple and ate it. Now we have to peel the sticker off before we can wash it. Why aren't Americans revolting? Who sticks these stickers on fruit? Is that a real job? Or have they modified all fruit so stickers grow on them 'naturally'?" His wife said, "Stop complaining. Be glad there isn't a sticker on each one of your red, seedless grapes." 2.3


256. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.