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Talking Dictionary249. His First Acting Audition


249. Neil saw an interesting Craigslist ad. It said, "MasterCard auditions. No experience necessary. 18 to 65." Maybe I can become an actor, Neil thought. Several days later he went to Pearl Studios on 8th Avenue. He went into a room on the fourth floor. About 25 people were sitting quietly in folding chairs. Neil signed in on the roll sheet. He grabbed a paper slip that said "Male." He took a seat. He memorized the lines on the paper slip. A woman entered the room an hour later. She called his name. She directed him to another room. A woman sat behind a table. "Please say your lines. Pretend you're talking to a policeman about your friend," she said. Don't be nervous, Neil told himself. He recited the lines—nervously. She said, "Thank you." He left. He wasn't nervous anymore. He was angry. He was angry because he had gotten nervous. 4.0


249. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.