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Talking Dictionary248. Bike Rider Gets Help


248. Jimmy was on a mountain road. He came to a T. He slowed down and turned right. He didn't see the gravel on the road. His motorcycle went out from under him. He landed hard. He got up. His right leg couldn't bear any weight. A man driving a pickup pulled over. "Are you okay?" he asked. Jimmy said, "I think I broke my leg." Other people stopped. They helped the pickup driver load the bike into his pickup. The driver said, "I'll take you home. Where do you live?" Jimmy lived 10 miles from the driver's apartment. The driver took Jimmy home. A neighbor helped the driver roll the bike into Jimmy's garage. The driver took Jimmy to the nearby hospital. Jimmy said, "I can't thank you enough. Here's $120 for your trouble." The driver refused the money. "I can't accept money just for helping someone out," he said. 2.7


248. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.