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Talking Dictionary247. A Stolen Butterfinger


247. Wade, 12, was in a corner market. He looked around. He couldn't see anybody. He slipped a candy bar into his jacket pocket. It was a Butterfinger. He loved Butterfingers. He looked around again. The coast was clear. He walked past the clerk. He walked toward the front door. The clerk said, "Stop, please." Wade ignored the clerk. The clerk shouted, "Stop, or I'll call the police!" Wade stopped. He walked back to the clerk. The clerk said, "Do you see that mirror?" Wade looked up near the ceiling. There was a big, convex mirror. The candy bar section was reflected in the mirror. The clerk had seen everything. "Give me the candy bar," the clerk said. Wade dug it out of his pocket. He gave it to the clerk. "Shame on you!" the clerk said. Wade said, "It's just a candy bar." The clerk said, "Get out of here." 1.4


247. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.