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Talking Dictionary233. When A Million Isn't Enough


233. The lottery jackpot was almost $100 million. Chris rarely played, because the chance of winning is about one in 170 million. That's not even worth a penny bet, Chris thought. But, just for the heck of it, he bought a lottery ticket. That night, he checked the winning numbers online. His ticket was a winner! He couldn’t believe it. He’d never won anything! He took the lump sum payment. After taxes on $50 million, he put $35 million in his bank account. He sent his brother Sal a check for $1 million. Sal couldn't believe it! He called Chris up. "Thank you so much! This is so much money! You must have won the lottery!" Chris said, "Yes, the $100 million prize was worth $30 million take‐home. Isn't that great?" Sal said, "Wait a minute. You took home $30 million. And you sent me, your only kin, just $1 million?!" 3.9


233. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.