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Talking Dictionary232. A Pizza A Day


232. Maury said, "A 33‐year‐old Brooklyn woman has been eating pizza since she was two years old." Diane asked, "What's so unusual about that? Everyone loves pizza. I've been eating pizza for almost 25 years myself." Maury asked, "Do you eat anything else?" Diane asked, "What do you mean?" Maury asked, "Do you eat anything besides pizza?" Diane said, "Well, of course I eat things besides pizza. Nobody eats just pizza!" Maury said, "Well, that's why this newspaper article is so interesting. This woman eats ONLY pizza. She has eaten nothing else since she was two." Diane said, "Get out of here! Nobody can eat just pizza for 31 years." Maury said, "She says she never even thinks about eating other food." Diane asked, "What kind of parents did she have? Who lets a 2‐year‐old eat only pizza?" Maury said, "I'll tell you who! Her parents probably owned a pizza place!" 4.6


232. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.