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Talking Dictionary230. She Dreams About Grandma


230. Kathy had a dream. In the dream, her dead grandma said, "Help me! My grave is soaking wet." Kathy said, "But I'm in America. Where's Daddy? He lives near your grave. Can't he help you?" Grandma said, "I asked him. But you know your daddy. He never listened to me when I was alive. So, of course he ignores me when I'm dead. You're the only one I can count on." Kathy thought, I must help Grandma. She flew back to her home country. She went straight to Grandma's grave. An animal had been digging holes everywhere. Kathy hired someone to repair the grave. She visited her dad for a couple of days. Then she went back to look at Grandma's grave again. It looked as good as new. Kathy flew back to New York City. That night Grandma came to her in another dream. "Thank you, darling!" Grandma said. 2.0


230. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.