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Talking Dictionary226. Lasagna In Little Italy


226. They were in Little Italy, near Chinatown. "I'm starving," Meg said. She wanted to try an Italian dish. Aaron said, "You might not like it." She said, "That's okay. If I don't, you can eat it." They stopped at a busy corner restaurant. "This one must be good. It's crowded," she said. He agreed. They sat at a table. The waiter came by. "I want what she's eating," Meg said. She pointed to a nearby customer. The waiter said, "That's lasagna. It's the lunch special for $9. But the special price ended 10 minutes ago." Meg said that was okay. The waiter brought the lasagna minutes later. She took one bite. "Ugh," she said. She gave it to Aaron. He finished the special. "That was so bland," he said. "It was overpriced at $9." The waiter brought the bill. It was $18. "Let's go to Chinatown," Meg said. "I'm starving!" 2.3


226. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.