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Talking Dictionary224. They Understand Her Better Now


224. English was Kyla's second language. She had pronunciation problems. She had a problem with some vowels. She had a problem with some consonants. She had a problem with the "ar" sound. She said "cah" instead of "car." Kyla's coworkers never seemed to understand her. "Can you please help me?” Kyla asked Susan one day. Susan ignored her. Kyla asked again. Susan said, "What? I don't understand you." Kyla asked again. Susan said, "Oh, now I understand! No, I can't help you. I'm busy." When Kyla asked other coworkers for help, their responses were similar. Of course, Kyla stopped asking her coworkers for help. She learned to do everything by herself. In fact, she became very good at her job. In time, her coworkers began asking Kyla for help. One day, Kyla helped Susan. Susan understood everything that Kyla said. Not once did Susan say "What?" or "I don't understand you." 0.8


224. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.