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Talking Dictionary223. Drunk Gets Hit By Car


223. Mickey walked into a bar. He ordered a beer. He took his beer to a table near the dartboard. Two men were playing darts. He asked, "Can I play the winner?" The men nodded. They finished their game. Mickey stood up to play. "The loser buys the beer, okay?" said Mickey. The men nodded again. Mickey was good. He won the next ten games. He drank ten free beers. He continued drinking and playing. He started missing the bull's eye on the dartboard. Then he started missing the dartboard itself. He quit playing. He staggered out of the bar. He walked in front of an oncoming car. He flew through the air. He landed on the street. Both his legs were broken. He sued the bar for letting him get so drunk. A judge said, "The bar owner didn't force you to drink all that beer. You have no case." 1.3


223. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.