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Talking Dictionary222. The Colonoscopy


222. "Your last colonoscopy was 10 years ago," Dr. Carter said. "It's time for another one." Bruce made an appointment for another one. He received prescriptions for a laxative and a plastic gallon jug. The jug contained electrolytes. The day before the colonoscopy, he ate a hearty breakfast. Then he filled the jug with water. He shook the jug well. He put it in the refrigerator. He had a liquid lunch. At 6 p.m., he started drinking the electrolyte solution. At 7 p.m., he took the laxative. It took him four hours to finish drinking the solution. During that time, he sat on the toilet twelve times. I'm glad this is only once every 10 years, he thought. The colonoscopy took place the following afternoon. "Is everything okay?" Bruce asked in the recovery room. "No," the nurse said. "There was a problem. You'll have to make an appointment for another colonoscopy." 5.4


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