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Talking Dictionary221. A Genie In A Bottle


221. He was walking along the beach. He saw something dark near the water. He walked over to it. It was a bottle. It looked very old. He picked it up. It felt like it was empty. But a cork was in the bottle. He removed the cork. White smoke quickly rose out of the bottle. The smoke changed shape and color. It became the face of a pretty woman. The woman said, "Thank you for releasing me. I will grant you one of three wishes. You may be wealthy. You may be happy. You may be healthy. Which one do you choose?" He said, "That's a tough choice. Can't I have all three?" She said, "Sure, if you find two more bottles. But right now you may choose only one." He thought about it. Money can buy happiness. Money can buy the best health care. "Make me wealthy," he said. 0.9


221. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.