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Talking Dictionary220. She Wants To Come To America


220. Lorna's sister wanted to move to America. She lived in China. Lorna had moved to America many years earlier. Lorna talked to May, an immigration lawyer in Manhattan. May said, "The paperwork will cost $1,000." Lorna said, "Can her husband move here with her?" May said, "Of course, for another $1,000." Lorna said, "That's no problem. They have the money. I'll call them later tonight. I'll tell them the good news. They can move in with me. It'll be so nice to be together again!" May said, "Whoa! Hold on! Don't tell them to start packing yet. There's a long waiting list for people from China. Do you know how long it is nowadays? Even if you fill out the application form today, they won't be eligible to come here for another 11 or 12 years." Lorna's eyes opened wide. "C'mon!" she said. "That's ridiculous!" May said, "Maybe even longer." 4.3


220. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.