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Talking Dictionary219. He Never Complained


219. John Smith, 56, died earlier this week. He died of a heart attack. He didn't show up to work on Monday. His boss called his home phone and cell phone. There was no answer. On Tuesday, his boss called again. Again, there was no answer. Then his boss called the police. The police went to John's apartment. They found him on the kitchen floor. John's boss and three coworkers attended the funeral service. John had no family. The pastor said, "John was a nice man. He was friendly and polite. He had problems, but he never complained. When his wife died, he didn't complain. When someone stole his identity, he didn't complain. When he had his first heart attack, he didn't complain. When he lost his house, he didn't complain. He never complained about anything." After the service, a coworker said, "Maybe that was the problem. He held everything inside." 3.0


219. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.