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Talking Dictionary217. A Cable TV Problem


217. He pressed Select on his remote. He selected On Demand on his TV screen. He selected ABC. He selected "Jeopardy." He selected Play. "Error 100" appeared onscreen. He called Time Warner. He described his problem to the representative. She said, "Turn off your TV and cable box. I'll reboot your system. Wait till the time appears again on the box." A while later, he said, "The box says 10:15." She said, "Turn everything back on. Now try On Demand again." He did. "It works," he said. "But this is ridiculous! I have to call you every time I want to use On Demand." She said, "No, you don't. Anytime you want to use On Demand, simply turn off the TV and cable box. Unplug the box. Plug it back in. Wait till it reboots. Turn the box and TV back on. Then select On Demand. That's it. No phone call!" 2.9


217. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.