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Talking Dictionary214. Valentine's Day Roses—A Day Late


214. "Many coworkers got Valentine's Day roses today," said Alma. "Some kept asking me where my roses were." Ernie said, "I thought you disliked Valentine's Day. You told me not to waste money on cards or flowers. Now you're interested in Valentine's Day?" Alma said, "Never mind. You wouldn't understand." The next day, Ernie went online. He looked for roses on sale. There weren't any. A midtown shop featured a dozen roses for $102, including delivery. That's not cheap, Ernie thought. But, if it made Alma feel better, it was worth it. He called the shop. The employee said, "We're super busy. We're still delivering flowers ordered yesterday." The shop didn't deliver the roses to Alma's office until 2:15. Alma arrived at her office at 2:30. "Leftovers, leftovers, someone sent you leftovers," some of her coworkers chanted. They were laughing. Alma took the roses outside. She threw them in the trash. 6.1


214. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.