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Talking Dictionary213. Magic Pill For A Longer Life


213. After years of research, Michael created an anti‐aging pill. He said to his wife, "This pill stops a person from aging for 100 years. It's like magic!" She said, "That's not magic. That's unnatural! God wants us to live a certain amount of time, and that's it." He said, "Honey, we can split the pill. Then we can live together another fifty years! Don't you want to do that?" She didn't. He thought about secretly dropping half the pill into her coffee. But then she might yell at him for the next fifty years. He thought about taking the pill himself. But then she might notice that he wasn't aging. That would mean years of yelling, too. What am I going to do with this magic pill, he wondered. He called his father. He wasn't interested, either. He said, "Life is just the right number of years as it is." 2.8


213. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.