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Talking Dictionary212. Student Dentist, Starving Patient


212. She was at the NYU dental school. Pietro, a student dentist, was going to extract her painful wisdom tooth. He asked her if she had eaten that morning. She said she hadn't eaten since midnight. He said, "You should have eaten a big breakfast. You're going to be very hungry this afternoon, but you won't be able to eat." She said, "This afternoon?! I'm starving right now!" She glared at her husband. He said, "How was I supposed to know? They always say don't eat after midnight if you're having surgery in the morning. How should I know that dentists want you to eat the night before and the morning before?" She said, "Because it's common sense. Fill up before surgery, because you won't be able to eat after surgery. I TOLD you it was okay for me to eat! I'm STARVING!" He said, "Okay, next time I'll know better." 3.5


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