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Talking Dictionary210. How To Buy A Leather Jacket


210. He took the R train downtown to Century 21. He saw a size 40 black leather jacket. He tried it on. It fit him well. The sleeves were the right length. The shoulders were the right width. The zipper smoothly zipped up and down. The lambskin was soft. He saw no rips or marks. Best of all, it was 50% off regular price! He took it home. His wife looked at it for about two minutes. "Take it back," she said. "Take it back?" he said. "What's wrong with it?" She said, "Everything! The collar doesn't sit flat. The collar doesn't cover the seam behind the neck. The leather under the collar is inferior. The zipper teeth and the metal slider are visible when the jacket's zipped up. There are blemishes near the left elbow. Go get your money back. Then I'll help you find a jacket that's made right." 1.9


210. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.