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Talking Dictionary209. They're Kicking Us Out


209. Amy had heard really bad news. "They're kicking us out of our apartment," she said. "They're renovating the entire A Wing. Everyone in A Wing has to move out by September 1." Sam said, "You're kidding! Who told you this? How can they do this? This is unbelievable!" Amy agreed. "Nancy told me this morning," she said. "She said that management will tell everybody next week." They sat down on the sofa. What were they going to do? Where were they going to go? They loved their apartment. They hardly slept that night. Next morning, Sam said, "Why don't you call up Nancy, just to double‐check? Maybe, just maybe, you heard her wrong." Amy called Nancy. Nancy said, "Amy, I said they're renovating B Wing. I said they're NOT renovating A Wing." Amy hung up. "We don't have to move! We don't have to move!" she yelled, jumping up and down. 2.4


209. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.