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Talking Dictionary205. A Turkey Day To Remember


205. It was the day before Thanksgiving. He said, "I'm taking the subway to 23rd Street tomorrow. I'll pick up a turkey dinner from Trader Joe's. It'll be pre‐cooked, but you said that was okay with you." She said, "I did? I said pre‐cooked is okay with me? When did I say that? Was I high on drugs? Were YOU? I NEVER said that! Thanksgiving is once a year. I deserve a fresh‐cooked turkey dinner once a year. We're going to eat fresh‐cooked turkey tomorrow. You will cook one at home, or you will take me out to a nice restaurant. Either one is okay with me." He said, "I've never cooked a turkey in my life. So I guess we'll go out." She said, "It better be a nice place. No greasy spoon restaurant. No hole‐in‐the‐wall restaurant. I want tablecloths and shiny silverware. I want cloth napkins and well‐dressed waiters." 2.8


205. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.