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Talking Dictionary204. Brother, Can You Spare A Grand?


204. Ben was in bed. He could hear his uncle in the kitchen. He was arguing with Ben's father. "Do I look like a bank? You're always asking me for money," Ben's uncle said. "And it always takes you years to pay me back." Ben's father said, "I ask you because you're my well‐off brother. Look at you. You own your own business. You're debt free. You're single. You party all the time. You have your own boat. You have a huge condo in Manhattan. My wife and I are trying to raise five kids. We have this small apartment in Brooklyn. I work two jobs. I only borrow money in emergencies." Ben's uncle said, "You shouldn't have had so many kids. Why would anyone have five kids? You should have stopped after the first kid. But you didn't. I should start charging you interest. Then maybe you'll have fewer 'emergencies.'" 2.1


204. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.