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Talking Dictionary203. Banana Head Seeks Work


203. On a sheet of paper, he printed: "HIRE ME! John Smith. Painter. 917‐555‐1234. $20/hour." He slid the paper into a plastic protector. He hung the protector around his neck. He looked at his sign in the bathroom mirror. It looked good. He went to Broadway and 34th Street, near Macy's. He stood there with his sign around his neck. Many people walked by. Few people looked at his sign. He took the sign off his neck. He held it high up in the air. More people looked, but not enough. His arm was tired. He went to a street vendor. He bought a bunch of bananas. He went back to Broadway. He hung the sign around his neck again. He balanced the bunch of bananas on his head. Everybody looked! Many people smiled. Some people laughed. Two people called him a jerk. But at least people are looking, he thought. 1.8


203. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.