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Talking Dictionary201. The Mouse That Roared


201. Chad was returning to his car. He was returning from a walk in the woods. He heard a lion roar. That's crazy, he thought. No lions live in these woods. He heard the lion roar again. He got scared. The roar was between him and his car. It was getting dark. He continued walking, very slowly and carefully. Suddenly, the lion roared right next to him! He nearly jumped out of his skin. I'm going to die, he thought. He looked all around. He didn't see a lion anywhere. But he did see a mouse on the ground. The mouse opened its mouth and roared. Chad laughed. The "lion" was only a mouse! He asked it, "Why do you sound like a lion?" The mouse said, "I used to be a lion far from here. One day I tried to eat a witch. She turned me into a lonely mouse." 1.4


201. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.