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Talking Dictionary200. The Cow With Two Tails


200. Bessie was a dairy cow. She had black patches on her white skin. Or did she have white patches on her black skin? "She's my best cow," Farmer Brown told his neighbor. His neighbor said, "Your best cow? Bessie has two tails! Who ever heard of such a thing? She's so funny‐looking! How can such a funny‐looking cow be your best cow?" Farmer Brown said, "Bessie never strays. She never gets sick. She gives the most milk of all the cows. She gives the sweetest milk of all the cows. Of course, she kills more flies than any other cow. And she's famous! People come from all over to see the cow with two tails. They hold onto her two tails. They make a moustache of her two tails. Their friends take pictures of them holding her two tails. They all go home happy. I wish I had 100 Bessies!" 1.5


200. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.