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Talking Dictionary199. A Pothole Is A Lifesaver


199. Linda was six years old. She was sitting in the back seat. Her dad was driving the car. Linda was sucking on a heart‐shaped medal. The medal had hung on her necklace, but the necklace had broken. Suddenly, the medal slipped down her throat. It blocked her windpipe. She started coughing. Her dad turned his head. "What's the matter, honey?" he asked. He didn't see the big pothole. He hit the pothole. He pulled over and stopped the car. Linda was smiling. She said, "I'm okay, Daddy. But I swallowed my medal." The medal had popped out of her windpipe. It had gone down her food pipe. Her dad drove to a hospital. A doctor ordered an x‐ray. He looked at the x‐ray. He told Linda's dad, "Everything's okay. The medal will come out naturally." Linda told her classmates the next day, "That pothole saved my life. It's my hero!" 2.2


199. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.