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Talking Dictionary198. Wipe The Dust Off The Blinds


198. She was sitting near the living room window. "Look at this," she said. He asked, "Look at what?" She said, "Look at all the dust on this blind. This dust can make me ill. When are you going to clean the blinds? How many times do I have to ask you?" He said, "They don't look that dusty. But I'll clean them anyway." The next day, he cleaned the blinds on all the windows. He used half a roll of damp paper towels. Each blind had 38 slats. He wiped the dust off each slat. He finished in about four hours. She came home that evening. He showed her the blinds. He said, "Look at the blinds. They look brand new. All the dust is gone. How's that for a good job?" She said, "Don't be so proud of yourself. You should have cleaned them the first time I asked." 0.1


198. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.