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Talking Dictionary197. The Bi‐Coastal Cat


197. Kitty was a black cat with a white tail. Kitty lived in California. His owner was Kathy. Kathy loved Kitty. She fed Kitty the best food. She cleaned Kitty's litter box every day. She took Kitty to the vet every six months. Kitty slept in Kathy's bed. Kitty had his own pillow. Kitty had a good life. Then one day Kitty disappeared. Kathy put up signs in her neighborhood. Each sign showed a photo of Kitty. Each sign offered a $500 reward. Months later, Kathy got a phone call. It was from a vet in New York City. Someone had found Kitty and brought him to the vet. The vet had scanned Kitty. The scan detected Kitty's microchip. "I have your cat," the vet said. Kathy screamed with delight. "Hold onto him. I'm catching the first plane to New York," she said. Maybe I should rename him "Coast2Coast," she thought. 2.8


197. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.