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Talking Dictionary196. A Pain In The Shoulder


196. The doctor examined his shoulder. She gave him a list of exercises to do. They were stretching exercises and strengthening exercises. Both types involved many repetitions. All the exercises looked simple. All of them looked boring. Some of them required him to use a stick. Some required him to use a bungee cord. He did the exercises for several days. His shoulder didn't feel better. He quit doing the exercises. A month later, he returned to the doctor's office. The doctor asked, "Does your shoulder feel better now?" He said no. She asked, "Have you been doing those exercises regularly?" He said no. She said, "You can't get better if you don't do those exercises. That's why I gave you the list. Those exercises will make your shoulder feel better. But you won't get better if you don't exercise. It's up to you. Remember, God helps those who help themselves." 4.1


196. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.