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Talking Dictionary195. A Soda For His New Girlfriend


195. She was beautiful. She had a big smile and pretty teeth. I want to be her boyfriend, Mark thought. One day he saw her alone in a restaurant. She was eating fries and a burger. He wanted to join her. But he couldn't just sit down. That might be too forward. He bought two sodas. He went over to her table. "Hi," he said. "They just gave me a free soda. I can't drink two sodas. Can I offer this one to you?" She smiled and said thank you. "Won't you have a seat?" she said. He thanked her and sat down. "I'm Mark. You're very pretty," he said. She said, "Thank you. I'm Jenny. You're not so bad yourself. Do you have a girlfriend?" He said no. His heart raced. Oh boy, she wants to be my girlfriend, Mark thought. "My best friend doesn't have a boyfriend," Jenny said. 0.5


195. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.