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Talking Dictionary193. Your Noise Right Back At You


193. Bart's upstairs neighbor was driving him nuts. He made all kinds of strange noises at all kinds of strange hours. If I tell my neighbor he's noisy, he won't believe me, Bart thought. He'll believe me only if he lives downstairs and hears himself upstairs. Of course, that's impossible. My neighbor can't be in two places at one time. Bart needed to invent something. After much thought and work, he invented a Noise Reflector. It sent noise back to its source. The reflector had a volume button. It could double or triple the original noise. Bart waited for his neighbor to make noise again. He turned on the reflector. It took less than a minute for his neighbor to quit making noise. Bart told Herb about his reflector. Herb said, "That sounds great. Can you make one for me? I'll use it the next time my wife yells at me." 3.0


193. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.