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Talking Dictionary189. An Umbrella For Only $7


189. He put his mini‐umbrella into a trash can. Two other umbrellas were in the trash can. His umbrella had lasted two years. That was pretty good. New York City weather can destroy umbrellas quickly. He went to JC Penney to buy a new umbrella. Mini‐umbrellas originally $25 were on sale for $17. He bought one. The next day, he saw the same umbrella on sale at K‐Mart for $13. He thought about buying the K‐Mart umbrella, but he didn't. He went back to JC Penney a week later. Workers were handing out $10 Christmas coupons. The coupons would save customers $10 off items that cost $10 or more. Using two coupons, he bought two $17 umbrellas for only $14 total. Later, he returned the first $17 umbrella he had bought. He was proud of himself. He had bought TWO umbrellas for less than the price of the first umbrella. 5.2


189. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.