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Talking Dictionary185. Can't Everyone Just Bow?


185. He was watching a TV talk show. The talk show host introduced a guest. The two men warmly hugged each other. Vance asked his wife, "Since when did men start doing that?" She asked, "Doing what?" He said, "Hugging. Since when did men start hugging each other? They used to shake hands when they met. Now they hug. Where did that come from? They transfer all the germs on their hands to the back of the other guy's shirt. They transfer all the odors on the front of their shirt to the front of the other guy's shirt. They invade each other's personal space. They get way too close! It's disgusting. I would never hug another man. I don't even hug my own father!" His wife said, "Hugging isn't so bad. Be careful what you wish for. Maybe men will stop hugging when they meet. But maybe they'll start kissing!" 1.2


185. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.