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Talking Dictionary184. Halloween Parade In Greenwich Village


184. "Let's join the Halloween parade on Sixth Avenue," she said. "It'll be fun! Anyone who wears a costume can be in the parade. The parade starts at 7 o'clock. Let's go buy costumes now. I don't want to be late." He said, "No problem. The parade lasts three hours. If we're late, we'll just be in the back of the parade instead of the front. What costume are you going to wear?" She said, "I'm going to be Batman!" He said, "You can't be Batman. Batman is a man. You're a woman. You can be Batwoman." She said, "It's Halloween. I can be anyone I want! I want to be Batman. YOU can be Batwoman." He said, "Sure. It's Halloween. You be Batman, and I'll be Batwoman. You're 100 pounds. I'm 200 pounds. People will definitely look twice." She said, "At least twice. Maybe we'll even get a TV interview!" 2.0


184. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.