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Talking Dictionary183. Pink Doesn't Mean He's Gay


183. Walden wore a pink shirt to school. A classmate laughed at Walden. "What's so funny?" Walden asked. Simon said, "What's so funny? You're wearing a pink shirt. That means you're gay. Everyone knows pink is a color for girls. Pink is for girls, blue is for boys. A boy who wears pink is gay. Or he wishes he was a girl. Everyone knows that." Walden said, "That's so ridiculous. Where do you hear things like that? What if a girl wears blue? Does that mean that she's gay? Does that mean she wishes she was a boy? Look at all the girls wearing blue today. Do you think that they're all gay? Or that they all wish they were boys? Next, you'll be telling me that a black person wearing white wishes he was white. Or that a white person wearing black wishes he was black. How stupid is that?" 1.2


183. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.