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Talking Dictionary182. If The Shoe Fits, Wear It


182. Marcus went into a shoe store on Fifth Avenue. He asked if they sold Timberland shoes. The salesman said yes. Marcus walked to the back of the store with the salesman. A pair of Timberland slip‐ons were on sale. They were size 11‐1/2. Marcus asked if they had size 11. The salesman said no. Marcus tried on the slip‐ons. The left one fit okay. The right one was a little loose. I just need thicker socks, Marcus thought. He decided to buy the shoes. He wore them the next day. By the end of the day, he was limping. He had a red sore on the back of his right heel. The red sore didn't heal for a week. Marcus wore flip‐flops all that week. "How could you buy shoes that were too big?" his wife asked. He said, "Only one shoe was too big. Besides, they were half price." 3.7


182. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.