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Talking Dictionary181. Big Pitcher, Little Spout


181. He stood at the kitchen sink. An empty coffee cup was in one hand. A full pitcher of coffee was in the other hand. He poured coffee out of the glass pitcher. Some coffee went into the coffee cup. Some coffee went down the side of the pitcher. "Every time I pour a cup of coffee," he told his wife, "half a cup goes down the side of the pitcher. It goes into the sink and down the drain. Who designed this pitcher? The spout doesn't pour correctly. Half my coffee goes into the cup. Half my coffee goes down the drain. This spout is a joke!" His wife said, "It's not the spout. It's you! The pitcher has a little spout. Just pour the coffee slowly." He tried it. It worked. "Who has time to pour slowly?" he said. "It's a big pitcher. It should have a big spout." 1.3


181. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.