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Talking Dictionary179. A Not So Young "Young Man"


179. "Thanks, young man," the clerk said as Aaron handed him cash. Aaron couldn't believe his ears. He was at NYU Dental School on First Avenue. He was paying his bill. "Young man"?, he wondered. I was a young man years ago. I'm certainly not one now. Who is this guy? He looks like he's about 25. If anyone's a "young man," it's him, not me. "Here you go, young man," the clerk said as he handed Aaron his change. "Excuse me!" Aaron said sharply. Some people nearby looked at him. "That's twice you called me 'young man.' Open your eyes. Do I look like a young man? No, I don't. So why are you calling me a young man? Do you call a teenager an 'old man'? Maybe you think you're being funny, but you're not. Call me 'sir' or don't call me anything, please." The clerk said, "Yes, sir." 1.3


179. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.