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Talking Dictionary178. Booze And Concrete Don't Mix


178. The bar owner was upset. His best customer was in the hospital. He had a head injury. "What happened?" the owner's wife asked. He said, "He drank too much. When he went outside, he fell down. His head hit the sidewalk. Now he's in the hospital. This isn't the first injury. Many customers have fallen down outside. Many were taken to the hospital. I'm losing too many customers. I don't know what to do." His wife said, "Here's an idea. Just give them a helmet when they leave. A helmet will protect their heads. They can return it later." He said, "Nobody's going to wear a helmet outside a bar. They will look silly. Plus, nobody will return it." His wife said, "Well, here's another idea. They actually do make rubber sidewalks. Your sidewalk is concrete. Change it to rubber. Your customers will bounce right up after they fall down." 3.3


178. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.