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Talking Dictionary176. New Job, New Shirts


176. Chuck had finally found a job. It was only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But it was a job. A temp agency had gotten him the job. The agency manager had said, "Do exactly what they ask. No more, no less. Don't ask stupid questions. They don't want a rookie proofreader. I told them you're a veteran. If they like you, they'll probably ask you to work more often. Then maybe they'll make you full‐time. Be patient." Tuesday was Chuck's first day of work at the advertising agency. The boss came by. He introduced himself. He said something about "T's and C's." Chuck asked what "T's and C's" meant. The boss said it meant Terms and Conditions. Wednesday morning, Chuck bought new shirts for his new job. Wednesday afternoon, his phone rang. The temp agency manager said, "I can't believe you asked about 'T's and C's'! They don't want you back." 3.1


176. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.