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Talking Dictionary174. A Sticker On Every Apple


174. Randy was peeling the sticker off an apple. He asked, "Where do these stickers come from?" His dad said, "You know about the tooth fairy, right? He leaves a dollar under the pillow when kids lose their baby teeth. Well, these stickers come from a fairy, too—the apple sticker fairy. He travels around the world putting stickers on all the apples." Randy said, "But that's a lot of apples. That's a lot of stickers. Doesn't he get tired?" His dad said, "No, fairies don't ever get tired. The apple sticker fairy can lick the stickers and put them on all the world's apples and never get tired." Randy asked, "He licks the stickers? His cooties are on all the stickers and all the apples? Yuck! I don't want to eat an apple with cooties on it." His dad said, "Don't worry. Fairies are like angels. They don't have cooties." 2.8


174. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.