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Talking Dictionary172. I Would Never Buy This Place!


172. The studio apartment was for sale. It was downtown near Wall Street. The price was $300,000. An Open House was on Sunday. She went to look at it. There was only one window. It was huge, but it faced an office building. The office building was right across the street. Anyone on the fifth floor could look right into her apartment. She would have to keep the blinds closed. That would block out the natural light. The bathroom had a shower, but no bathtub. The refrigerator was too small. A small frozen turkey would barely fit in the freezer. There was no oven. The floors were tile, not hardwood. There was only one closet. There's no way I would live here, she thought. This place has too many problems. The agent told her the price had dropped. The owner was asking only $250,000. "I'll take it!" she told the agent. 3.3


172. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.