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Talking Dictionary171. I'd Prefer Half Your Winnings


171. They were casual friends. A while back, they had had lunch at a restaurant. They paid for lunch. They left the restaurant. They were walking past a newsstand. A sign said, "Powerball $100 Million." Jenny asked Jane, "Would you lend me $5? I spent all my cash on lunch. I'll pay you back the next time we get together." Jane said sure. They got together a while later. "How have you been?" Jane asked. Jenny said, "Just great! I've been making vacation plans for the summer. I'm going to Europe for three months." Jane said, "That sounds great! But it's going to cost you a pretty penny, isn't it?" Jenny said, "Yes, but I've got a lot of pretty pennies. Remember that $5 you lent me? I won $100,000! Can you believe it? I'm treating you to lunch today. You can order whatever you like!" Jane said, "Oh, how nice!" 2.0


171. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.